Thursday 4 July 2019
The former Led Zeppelin singer graces Roskilde Festival 2019 with another visit

Find any list of greatest rock singers, and you definitely will find this iconic, hard-rocking blues wailer on it.

Robert Plant has had a long, vital career, founding the genre-defining (and genre-defying) rock band Led Zeppelin 51 years ago. What The Beatles were to the 60s, that’s what Zeppelin were to the 70s –commercially successful and innovative all at the same time. They wound up creating the prism through which their entire epoch was seen.

After a streak of beyond-influential albums with Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant ventured out on a solo career in 1982. So far, it has resulted in 11 albums to his own name plus a handful of exciting collaborative efforts together with former band mate Jimmy Page (the two performed at Roskilde Festival back in 1995) and roots dignitaries like Alison Krauss and Buddy Miller.

Robert Plant has always been musically adventurous, finding inspiration in loads of styles and genres. The English singer's recent output is a haunting blend of world music, psychedelic folk and American blues, something of a natural extension of a path he's been exploring since the early 70s.

It can all be boiled down to rhythm and blues – the separate entities, not the genre – when it comes to the sound and feel of Plant and his band, The Sensational Space Shifters, who have written and played with him in various guises for more than a decade.

Robert Plant turned 70 in 2018 – but trust us on this one: on stage he still has all the magnetic charisma and presence that made him the front man of the band that more or less created rock music as we know it. His voice burns, soothes and wails.

When Robert Plant returns to Roskilde Festival you can expect a setlist full of solo stuff as well as prime Led Zeppelin cuts and perhaps a cover or two. This is a live performance of both rock history as well as a musical curiosity taking us around the world.