Friday 5 July 2019
Queen of hearts of the dancefloor is back with more personal pop perfections

Robyn has always been a master of bending the modern pop palette and injecting complex emotions into her dance-friendly and always dead-on catchy tunes.

Normal rules simply don’t apply to Robyn. Her Body Talk album (2010) opened with the aptly titled song “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do”. Robyn goes her own ways. And she’s always seeking new musical territories while others keep busy trying to keep up with her – or to mimic her tricks. She has what The Guardian has dubbed a “seismic cultural effect”, having influenced the songs and sounds of Ariana Grande, Lorde, Taylor Swift and Rihanna among others.

Robyn has climbed the charts everywhere, she has reaped raving reviews (over and over again!), been Grammy-nominated several times, and despite taking her time between albums, the world always stands ready to embrace her.

In 2018, Robyn finally released a new album (after eight years). It’s called Honey and despite its sweetened title, there’s a bitterness underneath. Her sounds are ostensibly languid and sexy, but under the surface the album prickles with unease. Themes of heartbreak and despondency have seeped into the songs’ sonic fabric.

Robyn appeals to kids of many ages now. Some remember the early tune “Show Me Love” from the film “Fucking Åmål”, others remember “Dancing On My Own” channelled through TV-series such as “Girls” and “Skam”. It’s fair to say that Robyn has been the soundtrack to many heartbreaks.

When Robyn plays Roskilde Festival 2019 she will break hearts and make us all dance at the very same time. She will take our Orange Stage for a late-night bash. With a stellar backing band, touching choreographies and a setlist packed with hits (both bangers and ballads), Robyn is ready to make her night back at Roskilde Festival one to remember. She has been here two times before, 2008 and 2010 (and 2009 as a guest at Röyksopp’s gig). She returns stronger, bigger, better, and there’s no doubt that 2019 will give us something majestic.

Remember the pose: Eyes closed, fists clenched and body swaying – that’s the correct physical reaction to Robyn songs. It’s cathartic and empowering stuff for anyone. And trust us – in front of Orange Stage no one will be dancing on their own!