Friday 5 July 2019
Hyped lo-fi house magician ready with a stunning live show

Ross from Friends (real name Felix Clary Weatherall) may have won the silly name sweepstakes of the late-2010s underground house scene, but like his peers, DJ Seinfeld and DJ Boring, the quality of his music transcends the gimmickry.

He has taken the hype machine by storm with his brand of ‘lo-fi house’ – a waterlogged take on dance music that is chill, wistful, strange, insular and fun.

In 2018, after a handful of exciting EPs, he released his debut album, Family Portrait, on Flying Lotus’ forward-thinking Brainfeeder label. Like his older releases, the album favours grainy textures and sentimental vocal samples, but he has expanded his musical palette to include fidgety IDM, soothing ambient sounds and tech-house percussion. Still, Family Portrait packs that innate connection your mind and body should feel when allowing it to succumb to the hedonistic power of dance music.

Weatherall has been prolific both in the studio and on the road for several years now. His live show, which incorporates a full band, has been wowing crowds all over. His live setup features a DAW, sax, some keys and a guitar, plus a plethora of canned tones and samples. Watching the gang play is like watching a group of friends (there’s a pun there!). It’s unpretentious but full of warm sounds. Scuzzy lo-fi textures still exist in Ross from Friends’ live sets but you can look forward to big, euphoric hooks, more expansive soundscapes and lucid, liquid-like noise that will drip out of the speakers.

The power of unagi (Friends fans gets it!) will be present when Ross from Friends takes the stage at Roskilde Festival 2019. Prep those dancing shoes!