Sunday 30 June 2019
Portrait of a young generation, painted with delicious guitar pop

You just know that a new band is onto something when a critic rates their album with 6-out-of-6 stars and calls it the perhaps best Danish pop album in 2019.

Søn (translates to ‘son’) is a guitar-based, skewed pop group who sings songs about and for the young. They join the likes of Barselona, Liss and Hong Kong.

Søn sings in their mother tongue, Danish, but the music has an international sound to it. Here and there you can hear echoes of indie heroes The Smiths with the jangly guitar riffs and the moaning vocal melodies.

The five members in Søn are great friends who met each other in school. They found a common interest and language in music. In 2017, they released the EP Autobahn with contains the catchy “King Kebab” single about a past-midnight hunger after a drinking binge. 2019 saw the release of Søn’s debut album Det skandinaviske design. The songs are poetic and familiar stuff for anyone in their 20s (and if you’re past that age, you can always long back, right?). Their tunes are catchy and will have you humming along in no time. Just check the single “Malmö”, and you can start shaping a joyful soundtrack for the summer.

All sons and daughters should take place in front of the Rising stage when Søn plays Roskilde Festival 2019.