- Saturday 6 July 2019

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Put an end to the fetishism of the authentic and local cuisine

There are loads of street food available at Roskilde Festival, but be aware. Somewhere at the festival you can find the Danish artist Søren Aagaard’s land art sculpture Hawwāh. The piece consists of a rusty street food truck, halfway submersed in the gravel. Painted over and damaged, with melted plastic furniture and huge piles of seaweed, the truck looks as if it has survived an apocalypse.

Søren Aagaard, who is also a trained chef, has worked with food as his subject and material for many years. The culture that surrounds our food can tell us a lot about our society and the time we live in. With Hawwāh, Søren Aagaard focuses on the schism that we want to act responsibly and environmentally friendly, but at the same time we think that we deserve the best. That we want to experience the foreign and exotic, but only on our own turf. Aagaard’s pieces address the impossibility and extreme complexity of buying and eating ethically – and at the same time knowing that this is a luxury that not everyone can afford.

Søren Aagaard will be exhibiting at the Museum for Contemporary Art in Roskilde city during the festival. In the exhibition, Sommer (Danish for Summer), and during a series of cooking classes that will take place in the exhibition halls, Aagaard will examine key aspects of our relationship with food and art. The exhibition will contain both video pieces, installations and a number of new sculptural pieces.