Thursday 4 July 2019
Saybia singer delivers rich emotional palette: love, loss, need, new horizons.

He is the voice that can embrace great emotions. Be it love ballads, mournful farewell songs or the more narrative kind. Throughout a long career, Søren Huss has proven himself to be a king of hearts, singing emotional songs while at the same time steering clear of any clichées.

We welcome back this Danish singer to Roskilde Festival. When he first played here, he was the front man in a – at the time – completely unknown band called Saybia. The year was 2001, and this was before all of Denmark would swoon over the soft and blue-toned rock songs by this band.

Later, Søren Huss went on a solo ride, a career under his own name, which has made him an even bigger star. And as a songwriter Huss’ star sparkles more brilliantly than ever before.

He has contributed to the Danish treasury of song with three albums so far. First, the grief-therapeutic Troen & ingen (‘faith and nobody’) (2010), then the more up-tempo and extrovert Oppefra & ned (‘from above and downwards’) (2012) and most recently the subdued and intimate MidtlivsVisen (2015) (‘mid-life ballad’). A catalogue that has aroused excitement and prone admiration among both music lovers and critics.

The 43-year-old musician has also won awards, number-one chart hits and fame to his name in all of Denmark.

On stage, Søren Huss builds intimacy, no matter how big the audience is in front of him. This is about a man, his instrument and an array of great songs. Last year, he toured with a sparse setup (guitar/piano/vocals), bringing the core of the songs into focus.

In 2019, he’s enlarging his sound again. Surrounded by a full band and with new songs on the repertoire, Søren Huss is ready to step onto Roskilde Festival's stage floor for the first time under his own name to let his tunes shimmer as brightly as the summer sun.

This year, Søren Huss will also release his fourth solo album. Rumour has it that he is putting some tempo into his material again.