House of Chroma
Saturday 6 July 2019
Why hide your Jewish origins?

Danish-Israelic Sanne Cigale Benmouyal became famous in Denmark when she examined the conditions for Danish Jews in a documentary series. The programmes have caused a lot of debate, especially following the European Commission’s analysis of the increasing antisemitism, and one thing is clear: Danish Jews wish to hide their origins.

At a lecture in the House of Chroma at this year’s Roskilde Festival, you can get closer to Sanne Cigale Benmouyal and hear her story – both experiences that did not make it into the programme, and things she has experienced following the documentary series. And you can learn more about balancing humour, utterances and antisemitism.

Sanne Cigale Benmouyal was born in 1985 in Denmark and is part Danish, part Israeli. Sanne Cigale Benmouyal has an MA in History and has worked as a journalist and organiser for both radio and tv. She has also written debate pieces, essays and commentaries for some of Denmark’s largest national newspapers.