Monday 1 July 2019
One of Copenhagen’s most sought-after techno producers

Martin Schacke is the closest you’ll come to a resident DJ for the alternative rave parties. We’re talking about the parties that FastForward have been throwing around Copenhagen. Schacke often plays a set.

And you certainly understand why he’s a part of the parties. He’s uncompromising and knows his music. Not only the techno niche he’s carved out for himself, but in general he’s very involved and a skilled producer.

Schacke works out of the Mayhem house in Copenhagen. In his teens, he played the drums in a metal band before he got turned on by electronic music. He has been around industrial and noise via countless releases under countless pseudonyms on his label Moral Defeat.

Recently, Schacke's work as a techno DJ and producer has taken him to renowned clubs around the world, including a residency at Saint Petersburg's Клуб club, and his tracks “Make Them Remember” (on Ectotherm) and “Automated Lover” (on Kulør) have become two nailed-on classics of the Copenhagen scene.

Schacke’s live sets are similarly agile, noisy, trancy and unruly. Listen to this mix for a pre-taste. Then you should be ready for his concert on our Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.