Monday 1 July 2019
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Harp-playing R&B artist makes music to make you swoon

Here’s an exciting new name on the Danish music scene. Take note of the name Selma Judith.

She’s a multi-artist who works in many disciplines. She writes and directs films, she plays the classical harp – and more presently: she produces emotional and sensible R&B, meant to be played after dark.

You may not have heard much from her yet. She has only released a couple of singles, “Kid of Lonely” (officially) and (unofficially) “I’m a Mess” (available on Soundcloud). Both are clear proof that 23-year-old Selma Judith is a major talent you should keep an open eye (or ear) on. She sings about love, loneliness and devotion. Her airy vocals are wrapped in pretty tunes, from slow to medium pace, and if you close your eyes, her songs can make you float a little.

Want more? You got it: Check out Judith’s harp-based cover of Jorja Smith’s “A Prince”. It doesn’t really get any more intimate than this.

Selma Judith’s harp playing (listening to Joanna Newsome got her started on that) has led her to sharing stages with the likes of MØ, Vera and School of X, and through that she quickly found contacts in the music business, and together with a couple of school friends she started making music under her own name.

Selma Judith is a rising star on the Danish (and, who knows, perhaps international... the talent is there) music scene. Come catch her on our Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.