Thursday 4 July 2019
Emotional rollercoaster from indie singer-songwriter

Sharon Van Etten has a knack for making the most devastating tales of love sound gorgeous and sweet. And although her music explores the darker side of relationships, Van Etten herself is a tender and generous performer.

But you need to be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster.

There is something deeply romantic about Sharon Van Etten’s live performances. She makes you nostalgic for relationships and love affairs you hadn’t experienced yet. Her songs are powerful tearjerkers – just try “Every Time the Sun Comes Up”, “No One’s Easy to Love” or “Serpent” on for size.

Sharon Van Etten’s star is rising, and she plays still bigger venues, but she has a perfect ability to make her gigs feel exceptionally intimate with her brilliant vocal power.

Sharon Van Etten underwent some well-documented life changes between her fourth album, 2014’s Are We There, and most recent album, Remind Me Tomorrow. The singer-songwriter had her first child, returned to school, began acting (watch The OA and you will see her) – and stopped strumming on her guitar in favour of a more electronic instrumentation. It gives her stock-in-trade – gorgeous, timeless melodies, lyrical introspection and raw, plaintive vocals – a beautiful new gloss.

Look forward to a concert that will blend the tender with the belligerent. A working over of the senses that leaves you emotionally wrung but somehow soaring at heart.