Wednesday 3 July 2019
Rap phenomenon has it all

Do you know the feeling when you freestyle for about 20 minutes, and your friend uploads it to SoundCloud, and suddenly Travis Scott and Kanye call you up because they want to sign you? This is the stuff dreams are made of, and Sheck Wes probably still can’t believe his luck.

It’s not just a question of luck, of course.

Sheck Wes is one of the most hyped young American rappers for a reason.

The song mentioned above is “Mo Bamba” – named after his friend Mohamed Bamba, an NBA basketball player. The song went viral, and Sheck Wes was suddenly the next big thing.

As a rapper, Sheck Wes has an aggressive sound that doesn’t betray his DIY SoundCloud roots, opting for lo-fi productions. The 20-year-old released his debut album Mudboy on Interscope last year and was immediately awarded the Best New Music tag by Pitchfork.

Sheck Wes also featured on Travis Scott’s (also playing Roskilde 2019) Astroworld album on the song “No Bystanders” along with Juice Wrld. Everyone wants a piece of Sheck, and he wants a piece of everything: a huge basketball talent himself, he has had to put his NBA ambitions on hold while pursuing his dreams in hip-hop. Good thing it’s a bouncy genre!

What else does he dream of? Winning Nobel Peace Prizes, Grammys, Emmys and Golden Globes. Get ready for a very special mosh pit at Roskilde Festival.