Thursday 4 July 2019
Guitar savant and creator of hypnotic, healing jazz

Equal parts acoustic guitar visionary and urban mythologist, South Africa’s Sibusile Xaba creates a beautiful blend of African folk, flamenco and jazz.

Supported by expressive fingerpicking and hushed jazz chords, Xaba sings in Zulu with full commitment: mimicking his twangy acoustic guitar tone, laughing, declaiming and weeping over the tracks.

With a playful and spiritual sound that rises above natural life, it sounds like Xaba’s soulful voice is channelling to another universe.

His debut double album project comprises two timeless music offerings, Open Letter to Adoniah and Unlearning, which are mystical and otherworldly, yet organically familiar. It’s great stuff, just ask The Guardian.

Tracing innate storytelling that is beyond words, Sibusile Xaba fearlessly digs beyond conformity to unearth rich, vibrant African heritage lost to today’s musical generation.

Come hear how rich and multifaceted it can sound when Sibusile Xaba steps onto the stage with his six-stringed. He is accompanied by a percussionist.