Friday 5 July 2019
Charming and witty indie pop

By day, she’s a college student. By night, she produces lo-fi bedroom pop, adding to the treasure chest of catchy, oddball and fun songs she’s been posting on Bandcamp since 2015.

21-year-old singer-songwriter Sidney Gish soon received widespread acclaim and a record deal. It sounds like a story you have heard before, right? And it’s a story we love to tell any time we get the chance. Especially when the music is as great as is the case here.

Sidney Gish has released two proper full-lengths: Ed Buys Houses (2016) and No Dogs Allowed (2017) – both released on New Year’s Eve. She blends jangly anti-folk with the formal melodics of more conventional singer-songwriter-core. Gish serves as her own backing band – she uses electric guitar, melodica, MIDI instruments and assorted percussion to evoke a one-woman show full of clever melodies and inventive hooks.

She’s since been on a couple of cross-country tours in the US. When she played the SXSW industry festival in Austin, she invoked magic, knocking music fans, critics, and well… the Roskilde Festival representatives off our feet. She’s a stomp-down fantastic performer. Using a guitar and a pedalboard, she maintains the one-woman band thrill from her records, and that way her shows are very intimate experiences. Catch her at Roskilde Festival 2019.