Wednesday 3 July 2019
Fierce and empowering rapper is ready to open the Orange Stage in 2019

This year, we’re opening the Orange Stage in great style. We’re doing it with a musical figure who is cocky, confident and confrontational.

Her name is Silvana Imam, and she is Sweden’s perhaps strongest voice right now in hip-hop. The 32-year-old rapper has a way with words. She’s an innovator of language with a natural authority and stylistic self-confidence. She speaks to everybody who doesn’t quite fit in.

When she steps onto a stage, she owns it. She paces from side to side, sometimes she races out among the crowds while spitting her lyrics into the microphone, about toppling the patriarchy, about fighting racists and about defending the rights of homosexuals.

When she first broke through as a strong voice in Swedish hip-hop, Silvana Imam was designated as a beacon, a role model. As a rapper, an immigrant and a lesbian, she broke new ground. Anthems like “Tänd alla ljus”, “Svär på min mamma” and “För evigt” (among many more) are all solid proof that Silvana Imam is a master at combining serious messages and catchy hooklines. She refers to herself as a natural force (‘naturkraft’, which is also the name of her 2016 album and her own label) – and that’s exactly what she is.

One review mentions that Silvana Imam is bigger than her music, that she brings forth a message that arouses hope for freedom and better values.

Silvana Imam has reaped lots of stat-studded reviews and rewards in recent years, including ‘best lyricist’ (Musikförläggarnas Pris), ‘best live act’ (P3 Gold and Manifestgalan) and various Swedish Grammis.

A new chapter has started now.

Silvana Imam’s third album Helig moder came out in February, and now she’s ready to update her list of Roskilde gigs: from the stage for upcoming talent, Countdown, in 2015 over Apollo in 2016 and now, in 2019, she’s ready for the biggest stage, Orange Stage.

The Swedish rapper is preparing a very special show. She’s created many tracks as collaborations with the cream of the crop from the Swedish urban scene. And she’s bringing a lot of them straight into her performance at Roskilde Festival 2019. Here is the guest list as it looks now:

  • Erik Lundin
  • Beatrice Eli
  • Khan-ji
  • Ozzy
  • Nebay Meles
  • Unge Ferrari (from Norway)
  • Michel Dida
  • Jaqe
  • Leslie Tay

Want to learn more about Silvana Imam? Catch the critically acclaimed documentary Silvana – Väck mig när ni vaknat (subtitle translates to ‘wake me when you are awakened’). Here’s the trailer.