Wednesday 3 July 2019
The grime king is back

Skepta is back at Roskilde Festival! The London rapper and producer is not only one of the architects of grime, he’s also a founding member of Boy Better Know, a collective and label.

Joseph Junior Adenuga is a dominating force in UK rap, which he proved when he last visited Roskilde Festival in 2016 on the Apollo stage with an intense, sweaty and fast-paced show of force.

Singles such as “Shutdown” and “That’s Not Me” featuring his brother JME paved the way and helped push the album Konnichiwa up the charts. The album was also popular among critics and won him the esteemed Mercury Music Prize and several other awards, showing how far he’s (and grime itself) come since his wonderfully titled debut album Greatest Hits in 2007.

Skepta is very focused on the communities that have made him who he is, and apart from the grime scene in London, he’s paying a lot of attention to the village in Nigeria where his parents are from and recently moved back to. He has built his parents a new home, built a playground in the same village and subsequently been conferred with a chieftaincy title in his native state in Nigeria, Ogun State.

Chief Skepta, we can’t wait to have you back!