Tuesday 2 July 2019
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Resident DJ on the Countdown stage

Say hello to Simone Øster aka Smokey. She will play as our resident DJ on the Countdown stage.

Smokey is a Copenhagen-based DJ with a well-cultivated appetite for a proper party. Emerging from renowned techno squad Apeiron Crew, as a solo artist she’s more focused on off-kilter rhythms, breaks, electro, UK garage and more.

Having been heavily involved in the music and culture scene in Copenhagen for the past decade, Smokey has high standards when it comes to fun. She enters the stage with an attitude of ‘get weird or go home’, and her sets reflect that. Her humorous and upbeat attitude radiates from her. But don’t expect all sunshine and rainbows. Her selection goes heavy and will undoubtedly smack you in the face with something evil when you least expect it.

These days you will find Smokey doing radio at local station MMH alongside throwing the sub heavy ‘Liaisons’ party series.