Thursday 4 July 2019
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Danish arty noise rock pioneers are back with full force!

Denmark’s perhaps most important noise rock band is back.

Speaker Bite Me have been on a hiatus for a while. It has been 11 years since their last album (Action Painting). But they have secretly been nursing new songs for quite a while, and in 2018 the result finally saw the light of day.

Future Plans is the title of the arty rockers’ sixth album, and many fans have waited impatiently for the release. The album jumped straight to no. 1 on the Danish vinyl album chart. When listening to the songs, it becomes obvious that something is still at stake with Speaker Bite Me. Something serious, something smouldering and something ominous. Speaker Bite Me’s latest output is a rager about things falling apart and how the intimacy between people slowly fades away. It’s a call for change.

Few bands know how to express the aesthetics of noise in a tonic language as exquisitely as this Copenhagen-based four piece. Speaker Bite Me constructs a gritty and groovy universe of sound so impressive that you understand why Future Plans have received numerous star-studded reviews.

If you love the dissonance and crunchy distortion build-ups from the kings and queens of noise rock, Sonic Youth, you will absolutely love this. Speaker Bite Me add their own colours to the canvas with special skills in retained drama and expressive releases – and if you flick through their discography you will find plenty of ambitious, arty interpretations on what rock can also do.

Experiencing Speaker Bite Me live is like stepping into a cloud of sound and noise. It shrouds you like a soft-yet-hard-edged pillow. Intuitive rock forces are at work, and they function on special frequencies that will stun you. But don’t worry, you will step out of the haze again with an experience that has truly moved you.

The speaker plays loud and remains both sensitive and aggressive at once.