Thursday 4 July 2019
Aussie singer-songwriter excoriates modern-day bullshit with a guitar, a sweet voice and great songs

In 2017, only few months before the #MeToo movement started to take off, Stella Donnelly wrote the song “Boys Will Be Boys”, a delicate melody with Donnelly’s sweet voice. The subject: rape. Harsh stuff, but necessary stuff, obviously. Upon listening you hang on to every single word that Stella Donnelly sings.

The song is one of many highlights found on the 25-year-old Australian singer-songwriter’s EP Thrush Metal, which first came out in 2017 in Australia – and the following year in the rest of the world via Secretly Canadian.

Her chatty, indie-folk style belies the themes of songs that deal with the harsher side of growing up a woman, railing against cat-calling and sexual assault over gentle acoustic guitar. It’s a glimpse into what it’s like to be a millennial woman in the age of Trump, Tinder and third-wave feminism.

With a flawless pair of pipes and an endearing amount of chutzpah, Stella Donnelly’s already challenging fellow Aussie Courtney Barnett for the social commentary crown.

Sometimes it’s just her and a guitar, but at Roskilde Festival she’s bringing a full band with her. And you can expect a lot of fresh songs on the setlist, because a debut full length is coming our way in the spring of 2019.