Friday 5 July 2019
Uncompromising rap duo from Norway ups the ante

A lot has happened since Kristoffer Uthaug and Emir Hindic first met in 2013, found a common interest in Japanese food and Atlanta rap, and decided to form the cheeky rap duo Sushi x Kobe.

The two rappers from Bergen in Norway have become a comet on the Norwegian urban scene. With energetic beats and occasionally crude lyrics, Sushi and Kobe have become some of the most prominent artists in their field in their home country (both together and separately).

Halfway through their 20s, the Bergen duo have reached a creative platform where everything just works for them.

Their 2018 album Døden lever lengst (‘death lives the longest’) is full of hard, bouncy and danceable sounds, and it invites the listeners into a sonically challenging experience. The album is full of reflections from a young life which, surely, still feels like an eternity. The album has been called ‘an uncompromising finger to the rest of rap Norway’.

Døden lever lengst is also some sort of capture of their live energy. Because on a live stage is where the duo really shines, or should we say ‘explodes’. Their aggressive in-your-face energy just works in a live setting. It’s no wonder the band has reaped top ratings in their home country. And they also provoke which have led to come controversy surrounding their lyrics (like what happened to Danish act Suspekt).

The duo has played Roskilde Festival in 2015 on our talent stage Countdown and also guested Emil Stabil’s show in 2017.

Now, they’re ready for the main programme under their own name.