Saturday 6 July 2019
An unpredictable and unrelenting force in hardcore punk

“This feels like a pop record, albeit one with rabies,” says Pitchfork about The Armed’s Only Love. This punk outfit makes music that is both confusing, provocative and artistic. The so-called ‘pop record’, like its creators, is aggressive, violent, atmospheric and tender at the same time.

The Armed have gone to lengths to misdirect, deceive and toy with their audience. They never keep a stable line-up, they use actors in their publicity photos, and they have confused the scene by not sounding like what you'd expect from a hardcore punk band.

The Armed moves across a variety of sounds from the industriously brutal and repetitive to the complex and shredded and even to the danceable fluxes of electro-disco punk.

Using complex guitar work, off-time polyrhythmic drumming, synths and screaming vocals, The Armed will catch you off your guard. The drummer currently sitting in is none other than Ben Koller of Converge fame (they’re also playing Roskilde 2019), but, shhh, we’re not really supposed to know.

Their progressive and experimental nature does not stop with in their recorded music. Seeing them live is an extension of the experience that leave audience members both confused and invigorated upon leaving the festival stage. 

Don’t miss out on The Armed and their frantic, chaotic take on punk rock in the year of 2019!