Sunday 30 June 2019
Techno pulses from the Copenhagen scene

Third Wife started as a collaborative project for Mikkel Sönnichsen and his friends. But it slowly morphed into a solo project and a moniker for Sönnichsen’s work as a DJ and producer (he’s also been a part of the projects Vesper and Asta Fall). Third Wife is also the name if his label.

Sönnichsen build techno landscapes. He is fascinated by repetitions, deep frequencies and rave euphoria, and the network he is affiliated with (see like-minded acts like Funeral Future and Schacke, who also play the Countdown stage) shows the same kind of appreciation of techno. Sönnichsen has worked as a resident DJ at both Culture Box (Copenhagen club) and the Et Andet Sted raves.

Third Wife’s techno tends not to be too hard and militant but more inviting. It can be heard on his two 2018 releases, the EP Closer and a double single, which gives us a soundtrack that celebrates the Copenhagen-based club and rave scene. A new release is in the works.

You’ll have no excuses not to be moving your body when Third Wife plays the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.