Friday 5 July 2019
Mosaic-like dance music from prolific UK producer

For over a decade, Bristol-based producer Ross Tones has been plotting his musical development in the form of nostalgic house vignettes, cinematic dancefloor workouts, colourful bass experiments, techno epics and an extensive back catalogue of singles.

Ross Tones works under the alias Throwing Snow. He’s also a part of the duo Snow Globe. He has a label called Snowfall. He has nothing to do with Snow Patrol.

Ross Tones may be a snowman in name, but his music gazes towards somewhat warmer hemispheres while still glistening with a serene kind of steely coldness.

He releases music on Fabric’s Houndstooth imprint. He is both a singles man as well as a conceptual album-minded producer.

In the course of three albums – Mosaic (2014), Embers (2017) and Loma (2018 – this one was based on several EP releases) – he builds his instrumentals with warped and wavy synth tones, pretty strings and driving beats, and he takes the best elements from genres like dubstep, trip-hop and jungle.

His mosaic-like music builds dark moods that calls for dark warehouse raves. And as he puts it himself: “I’m just doing stuff to make people dance, I suppose.” He works what he calls a meditative tempo which is the same BPM as a fast walking tempo – sort of the tempo when you’re heading for that Roskilde gig in the 11th hour.

Live Throwing Snow has supported the likes of Bonobo, Apparat, Nosaj Thing, Pantha Du Prince, Dark Sky, Nathan Fake, Atoms for Peace and Jon Hopkins.

Get ready for Throwing Snow’s precision-crafted jams at Roskilde Festival 2019.