Thursday 4 July 2019
Making magic out of minimal patterns, conjuring up collapsed pop songs about love

Tirzah makes perfectionism out of imperfect electronic pop music.

Since 2013's I'm Not Dancing, a lo-fi pop EP full of brief and chaotic tracks with addictive hooks, Tirzah has found a uniquely minimalist, post-R&B, post-grime, pop-infused sound, especially when working together with her frequent collaborator Mica “Micachu” Levi.

Now, her work has really come into fruition!

The 31-year-old singer released her debut album Devotion on Domino in 2018. It has been years in the making, recorded mostly in the shared houses and makeshift studios of her South London crew of artists and friends, all while life – and love – happened in the meantime.

Devotion is a downbeat excursion into the moody inner life of an unusually talented lyricist. Her songs about love often orbit small, repeated loops, often played on the piano or slightly tarnished-sounding synths. In there we find Tirzah’s cocoon of intimacy. The arrangements are simple but elevated by deft touches of texture and mood, siphoning into hypnotic minimalism of muted soul, garage, grime and R&B.

At a time when so much music is political and intellectualized, Tirzah's sincerity and candour is a breath of fresh air.

Don’t miss her intimate, devotional songs when she plays Roskilde Festival 2019!