Art Zone
Wednesday 3 July 2019

- Saturday 6 July 2019

Playing music using water bowls

The water bowl is a fascinating instrument – a hybrid of water, ceramic and electronics. The sound is both familiar and new.

Tomoko Sauvage plays meditatively with her hands on water in porcelain bowls of different sizes. She touches, drips the water, remixes and amplifies it with hydrophones (underwater microphones).

In her musical performance at Roskilde Festival 2019, the visuality of water also plays a key role in establishing a meditative sphere of liquidity.

The water bowls function like a natural synthesizer that generates fluid timbre through waves, drops and bubbles. The water and the bowls resonate and produce subaquatic feedback, like a long tone of a gong – an acoustic phenomenon that requires fine-tuning depending on the amount of water in a bowl and the acoustic space where she plays. Most of the soundscapes are slow, deep and yet alleviating.

Experience Tomoko Sauvage in the Ambereum between Art Zone and Arena.