Thursday 4 July 2019
The king of Auto-Tune and rap chaos-maker stand ready to take Roskilde

Travis Scott is a star. His live shows rarely fail to drop jaws with their energy, opulence and unruliness. To him, “less is more” is a fallacy. More is more. The kids need more vocal effects, bigger stage design, louder clothes, darker screams and rage-ier anthems.

Travis Scott arrived into hip-hop’s mainstream consciousness under the wing of Kanye West, a hybrid rapper/producer who dabbled in the arts of Auto-Tune with an affinity for melodies.

The 26-year-old musician has found a voice and sound that can best be described as his own, even if it's a melting pot of sounds from elsewhere, and he has the creative foresight to surround himself with co-producers and artists in order to bring big records to life.

Unlike many other rappers, Travis Scott doesn’t go for selling any particular lifestyle. He’s a rapper selling an experience through his concerts. Since the beginning of his rise, Travis’ name has been synonymous with outrageous live performances. You’re there for the ear-ringing, unbridled, moshpit-inducing chaos facilitated by Scott. And, of course, his music is great as well.

Travis Scott first got some major buzz for being included in hip-hop magazine XXL's Freshman Class for 2013. After a couple of very popular mixtapes (Owl Pharaoh and Days Before Rodeo) Scott released his debut album, Rodeo, in 2015 which raced to the top 3 on the Billboard chart in the US. The two follow-ups conquered the no. 1 spot in several countries around the world.

The latest full length, Astroworld stands out for its maximalist, spared-no-expense production. The album is a druggy kaleidoscope of textures and techniques, making room for psychedelic guitars, trap drums, hazy synths, haunted house piano, Enya-esque vocal swells, futuristic baubles and start-stop song suites while remaining surprisingly sonically coherent.

So, what can you expect from Travis Scott when he visits Roskilde Festival 2019? Bangers galore (“Sicko Mode”, “Antidote”, “Goosebumps”, “Upper Echeleon”... the list goes on), frenetic energy, moshpit after moshpit and a hip-hop party unlike any other. This is a not-to-be-missed type of show!