Saturday 6 July 2019
Taut, bass-heavy noise rock

Do you like your music guitar-based, gritty, heavy and with energy? Whores. (period included!) are up for the job! If you love bands like Pissed Jeans, Melvins and perhaps bits of Helmet, then you will love Whores.

After two acclaimed EPs, this Georgia, Atlanta trio delivered their first album, Gold, in 2016 (they’re working on a follow-up these days). Sludgy noise rock with post-hardcore influence, the band adds the right amount of groove to stir up the the wall of sound they’re building. 

If your hair isn’t blown back by their sound, something must be wrong with the speakers. And if you do feel the sound like a gut-punch, then they have made a bull’s eye.

This is physical music. So come on over and get a beating!

Whores.’ riotous live shows have garnered them fans all over (catch a clip here). They are just three men on stage, but they pull off the thickest, meanest and most intense live sound you can imagine. Front man Christian Lembach is a one-man wrecking ball and together with band mates Donnie Adkinson (drums) and Casey Maxwell (Bass) he delivers the right mix of aggressive yet accessible.

This is the type of band that will appeal to anyone who favours aggressive music with punch. Catch Whores. at Roskilde Festival 2019!