Friday 5 July 2019
Fascinating synthesis of rock, plunderphonics, bass music and noise from an artist who remains stubbornly undefinable.

Here’s a benchmark in experimental music. This is music truly emancipated from the rules of genre.

The music created by Yves Tumor (civil name Sean Bowie) encompasses haunting ambient collages, ethereal lo-fi soul and confrontational noise, shifting through styles and sounds in a fluid, surrealist manner.

The secretive Tennessee expat (currently residing in Italy) swerves from one mood to the next as evidenced on the brand-new and critically acclaimed album Safe in the Hands of Love (out on Warp). The album is boundary-pushing, but at the same time it offers easier access points to the complex and brilliant world of Yves Tumor. Throughout the album he works with a mix of experimental musicians, including Denmark’s own Croatian Amor and Puce Mary.

Yves Tumor joins artists like SOPHIE and Arca in pushing the limits of pop sonically and aesthetically. Yves Tumor goes a step further: he goes back to his influences, filter and enrich them with pure ideas and emotional depth. This is an incredible blend of melodies, noise and rhythms that would just be unfair to just label experimental. It’s just singer-songwriting of the future.

So how does all of this work in a live setting? Well, if you ask outlet Brooklyn Vegan, it works very well indeed! Previously, Yves Tumor worked from behind a table of gear, but now it’s a completely new and exciting setup. Yves Tumor is backed by a full band (drums, bass, guitar, electronics) who helps bring his live sound to the next level.