Sunday 30 June 2019
Stellar voice on top of big synth-heavy experimental pop

ZAAR sounds like a huge orchestra. It’s really just Sara Flindt, loop artist from Aarhus, and her two bandmates Bjarke Amdrup (Kr4n) and Jonathan Ludvigsen (Athletic Progression)

Together, they pull off something great and experimental. Synthesizers, sequencers and drums make up the machinery behind the sound that is full of aggressive beats and synth lines.

Sara sings with a seductive and uncompromising voice about both love and human behaviour (hello, Björk reference) and she relates it to a nature theme that permeates the grandiose sound.

ZAAR debuted with a double single release of “Last Song” and “Foolish Ways” in 2017. The debut EP Lost My Sense of Humour will soon be released.

The first singles are already available on your favourite streaming channel. Additionally, ZAAR has released two live sessions “Holding Your Hand” and “You Don’t Know” and played at festivals such as G! Festival in the Faroe Islands, the Rockwood Music Hall in New York and Iceland Airwaves in 2018.

Get ready for a majestic sound when ZAAR plays the Rising stage at Roskilde Festival 2019.