South of the stables (close to Arena)

Meet up at ZUSA and become part of the community

It’s easy to get lost at Roskilde Festival, but that can be fixed. The Danish street artist and installation artist ZUSA, whose name is derivative of the German word for ‘together’ (‘zusammen’), has created a meeting place at the festival site.

ZUSA works with graphics in many layers and a graffiti-inspired style, and he always works with the architectural context of his pieces. He sees urban development as a game of chess. The urban space has a colouring and a rhythm where its architecture sets the pace. In other words, the city invites you to make the next move. And hopefully everything ends well.

From 1984-1987, ZUSA was a pioneer in wild-style graffiti in Denmark. He has studied graphic design and illustration at the Danish School of Design and made his debut with photo graphics as street art at The Censured Spring Exhibition “Den Frie” in 1994.