Ambereum is our new area for DJ’s, art, relaxation and raves. A total installation with everything from performances to techno and house.

The Ambereum is a sensual haven that gives you room to dream, slow down and make relations regardless of social, cultural and spiritual differences.

Ambereum is curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen. You will find it between Art Zone and Arena, and you can’t miss it:

The golden room – if room even covers it! – is created by German artist Viron Erol Vert, inspired by the healing qualities of amber, Greek and Syrian temples and the idea of merging Pagan culture and Mediterranean mythology in a nightclub-like amber-orange, psychedelic space.

And a nightclub is exactly what it turns into at night.

During the day you can experience performances and sensory discoveries by Isabel Lewis, Tomoko Sauvage, Francesco Cavaliere and Wojtek Blecharz. It’s also a great place to relax, have a drink and experience parts of the exhibition Sensorium: A Laboratory for the Deceleration of the Body and for a New Politics of the Senses, also curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen.

At night, it’s time to party, time to dance, time for intimacy with house, techno and experimental electronic music. Collectives Regelbau and Fast Forward and Berlin DJ's play from 22-03 (10pm-3am) on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

So what can I experience in Ambereum?

Tomoko Sauvage makes music out of water: The Japanese artist plays meditatively with her hands on water in porcelain bowls of different sizes. She touches, drips the water, remixes and amplifies it with hydrophones (underwater microphones).

American artist Isabel Lewis invites you to join in a collective choreography of slow and silent walking amidst the frenetic activities of socialising, comings and goings that occur at the festival ground.

Francesco Cavaliere captures sounds and lets them play inside empty containers. The Italian music magician offers an immersive and abstract music performance, using several empty vases and horns to capture, contain, discover and emanate musical waves.

Polish artist Wojtek Blecharz will treat you with sound: On a yoga mat and with your eyes closed, a number of wireless speakers will be placed around and on you – get ready for a sound spa with acoustic vibrations.

During the day – and in-between performances – you can also use Ambereum as a place to just chill, relax, sip on a drink. So the next question is… what happens at night?

Partying with amazing DJ’s

Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening and night, Ambereum turns into party central with some of Denmark and Berlin’s best DJ’s spinning records from 22-03 (10pm-3am).

Sensorium: A Laboratory for the Deceleration of the Body and for a New Politics of the Senses is co-produced by RIBOCA1, the first Riga Biennial 2018.