The Swiss artist currently has her largest ever solo exhibition at Copenhagen Contemporary. This summer she will grace Roskilde Festival.

Imagine the scene: Huge tree trunks make up a large sculpture for sitting, for meeting new friends and for overlooking the festival. Expect something big when Claudia Comte visits Roskilde Festival 2019.

“Community” is a key term at Roskilde Festival, and her sculpture ME WE offers the festival-goers the opportunity to establish just that.

The large-scale sculpture that spells out the title of the work gives everyone a place to congregate, to meet and to make new friends, while creating new vistas and vantage points to experience the festival.

Made of 16 spruce tree trunks, each up to six meters long, 50 centimetres wide and weighing 800 kilos. The sculpture is the fourth in the series of tree trunk sentences that takes the geometry of language into consideration. By countering the familiar phrase ‘Us and Them’ which denotes a sense of division amongst groups, ME WE instead expresses a sense of community and connection.

Solidarity and sustainability

Comte currently has her largest solo exhibition to date at Copenhagen Contemporary where 40 debarked tree trunks are at the centre of a collapsed forest, an installation mirroring the effects of our current era which impacts on Earth’s ecosystems.

For the exhibition, I Have Grown Taller from Standing with Trees, the Swiss artist has planted two trees for every tree felled for the artwork. For her Roskilde Festival project, she will also work with trees in a sustainable way.

Claudia Comte's work, just like much of her art in general, grows out of solidarity with both nature and marginalised groups in society. She is now an established artist who can lead the way for many others. As she once said to Artsy:

You give women the opportunity to go large-scale, they will do it.

Claudia Comte at Roskilde Festival is presented and curated in collaboration with Copenhagen Contemporary.



Claudia Comte biography

Claudia Comte is a Swiss artist born in 1983. She has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions including; Zigzags and Diagonals, MOCA Cleveland (2018), Swiss Performance Now, Kunsthalle Basel (2018), NOW I WON, Messeplatz, Art Basel (2017), 10 Rooms, 40 Walls, 1059 m2, Kunstmuseum Luzern (2017), I have Grown Taller From Standing with Trees, Copenhagen Contemporary, 2019.