Roskilde Festival and Tuborg introduce yet another organic beer. We also have good news for fans of organic soft drinks and will have a new area where only non-alcoholic beverages are sold.

Roskilde Festival is certified 90 % organic. The food, that is. This year, however, the festival is taking a huge step to guarantee organic drinks as well. Our partner Tuborg is launching yet another organic beer, Tuborg Orange, which is a dry hopped fruity beer with taste notes of mango, grape and lime. Tuborg’s first organic beer RÅ (meaning raw) was presented to the festival-goers in 2015.

The soft drink assortment brings even more news: Organic producer Fritz-Kola brings – among other products – their renowned cola, which you can also drink in an organic version from Danish brewery Naturfrisk. Other organic products are soft drinks from Nohrlund and organic energy drink Booster Black Edition.

2019 also sees a new drink responsibly campaign as part of the collaboration between Roskilde Festival and Carlsberg Denmark. Part of the campaign is a non-alcoholic area, Hydration Zone, in Camping East where festival-goers through activities like yoga and board games are offered a breather from partying hard. In this area only non-alcoholic drinks are sold. Try the non-alcoholic Brooklyn lager Special Effects.

Another option is to go the completely non-boozy bar, non-alcoholic The Scotlander Cocktailbar. Here you can enjoy the For Roskilde Festival specially composed Dark & Dusty-cocktail made with Scotlander 0,0% alcohol rum.

If you prefer your cola without sugar, you can get Coca-Cola Zero in Basic Supermarked (Central Park), Brooklyn Bar (Central Park) and Beer Barn (Arena Park).


Organic Tuborg Rå
Organic Tuborg Orange
Grøn Tuborg

Jacobsen Brown Ale
Jacobsen Extra Pilsner
Jacobsen India Pale Ale
Jacobsen Midday Mild
Jacobsen Pale Ale
Jacobsen Sommertid Saison
Jacobsen Weissbier
Jacobsen Yakima IPA
Jacobsen Viva Classic
Grimbergen Belgina Pale Ale
Grimbergen Double Ambree
Brooklyn Defender IPA
Brooklyn Lager
Brooklyn East IPA
Brooklyn Naranjito
Brooklyn Summer Ale
Brooklyn Bel Air Sour
Brooklyn Special Effects (Non-Abv)
Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc
Porreti 4

Soft drinks
Organic Naturfrisk Cola
Organic Naturfrisk Sport
Organic Naturfrisk Appelsin
Organic Naturfrisk Ginger Ale
Organic Naturfrisk Hindbær
Organic Naturfrisk Lemon
Organic Naturfrisk Tonic

Organic Crafted by Nohrlund Gingerbeer
Organic Crafted by Nohrlund Appelsin
Organic Crafted by Nohrlund Lemon
Organic Crafted by Nohrlund Lime Mynte
Organic Crafted by Nohrlund Tonic
Organic Booster Black Edition

Ramlösa Naturel
Ramlösa Citrus
Coca Cola 1/2 l
Honest Organic Pink Lemonade
Honest Organic Lemon Lemonade
Honest Organic Peach/Rosemary ice tea
Honest Organic Raspberry/Basel ice tea

Organic Fritz-Kola
Organic Fritz-Spritz Æbleschorle
Organic Fritz-Spritz Drueschorle
Organic Fritz-Spritz Rabarberschorle

Organic Læsk Kombucha, Hyldeblomst
Organic Læsk Swizzle, New Nordic
Organic Læsk Swizzle, Freedom

Organic Maté Maté

Organic Cocio Cacaomælk

Wine and bubbles
Organic assortment; white and rosé.

Somersby Apple