Get moving, get smarter, fill your belly. Repeat. These food events will make you hungry, tired and satisfied.

Food Tours

Socioeconomical organisation Rub&Stub (Lock, stock) guides you to 6 different Food Tours. A total of 720 tickets are for sale. The price is 160 kroner and 300 kroner depending on which tour you take. Try for example the Hangover Food Tour, Vegan Food tour, Tasting & Drinks Food Tour or Gourmet Food Tour.

Climate friendly ”soup kitchen” in Camping East

What does the meal of the future taste like? Bring you camp to the soup kitchen prepared by NGO, Københavns Madhus (Copenhagen House of Food), and find out. It’s up to you to set the table and cater the entertainment however the food is prepared by chefs. Share a table with other camps and enjoy good food and a cleaner climate conscious. We prepare both lunch and dinner. Price: 65 kroner.


Suhrs Food Race featuring Rub & Stub (hot dog edition)

Bring your camp (max 6 people) to the Food Race-challenge where you can solve challenges and win a sustainably correct price. Everyone – however – will be fed at the following lunch. Organisers are the food specialised folk high school, Suhrs, and the socioeconomical food organization Rub & Stub (lock, stock)
200 festivalgoers can join. You join up between 10 am and 11.30 am.

  • Camp Resuhrser, Clean Out Loud, Tuesday July 2. 

Pimp your canned food

Tired of boring canned food? Insufficient funds for fast food? Bring your canned foods by our food bike and get help and inspiration from students at the nutrition and health education at Københavns Professionshøjskole. They will take your food to a whole different level. 

  • Sunday 30 June Dream Space, 10-16
  • Monday 1 July Dream Space 10-16
  • Tuesday 2 July Dream Space 10-16