A brand new market features shops specializing in sustainable products.

Yoga pants are destroying the oceans. The sad truth about active and often nature loving people is that most of their leisure wear is made from petroleum-based polyester which ends up as micro plastic. However Danish company Yogamii has decided to change that. From a shop in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, they sell GOTS-certified clothing manufactured in India. A founder of Yogamii began collaboration to start making the factory sustainable back in 2004. Now they produce a variety of clothes and accessories for men and women both.


Yogamii is one of 18 companies featured in Roskilde Festival’s Green Design Market. What began last year as a pilot project in a corner of the festival’s shopping area reemerges this year in it’s own right and it’s own 700 m2 building between Gloria Stage and Avalon Stage. The interest for sustainable design was overwhelming and many more festival-goers than firstly anticipated went home with sustainable products and a good story.

Green Design Market is created in collaboration with consumer guide Go Green Denmark and is a showroom for new and/or smaller entrepreneurs who create and/or sell products which strain the environment as little as possible. Products have to be either produced by reused materials or materials that can be reused and/or produced with awareness of creating a better life for the locals. Roskilde Festival has a holistic approach to sustainability thus the products needs to be socially responsibly produced. Yogamii for example also – in cooperation with Danish Indian Child Care – support the Danish Indian Children’s Home for girls which is located in the same region as their suppliers in the province of Tamil Nadu.

Green Design Market displays a wide array of offers. For example Roskilde-based company which sells refurbished glasses or offers to renew the customer’s flea market bargain.

Other exhibitors are Salvation Army Redesign CPH and Danish sustainable clothes manufacturer Elsk – active in the 2020 Circular Fashion Commitment Targets – and Eco Sparkles. Instead of plastic these glitter-products are made on a base ingredient of cellulose from sustainably sourced eucalyptus trees. These trees come from European plantations, promising responsible growth and harvest of the plants.

This year, Green Design Market presents probably the first provider of pension schemes in festival history: Matter invests your pension funds in green energy, health and sustainable technology rather than in fossile fuels, weapons and tobacco.


The best known company represented in Green Design Market is probably Swedish street wear company Dedicated. Since the beginning in 2012, Dedicated made sure to use certified organic cotton and aimed for long-term partnerships with factories and suppliers who had a genuine vision to change the fashion industry for the better. Dedicated-clothes are made from recycled polyester and organic and fairtrade cotton.

You can meet these companies/organizations in Green Design Market:


Vintage by Foss
Fairfair IdeFabrik
Loppeshoppen/GIV RUM v/Diakonissestiftelsen
Danish Fair Fashion
Frelsens Hær Redesign CPH
Best Behavior
Sustain Daily
Matter (sustainable pension scheme)
Eco Sparkles
GoGreen Danmark