Roskilde Festival is 100 % non-profit. This means all our profits are donated for cultural and social charities after each festival. We generate this profit together, and we’re able to donate it together. This past autumn we tried out a new Open Call format and asked festival volunteers to nominate potential donation recipients.

The theme for these donations is solidarity in relation to children and young people, more specifically events or associations that create open communities for children and young people through art and culture. We have chosen 10 initiatives among the nominees. Read more about them below.

The next Open Call will be in April. Everyone will be able to nominate an initiative, organisation or event. We will have much more information in the spring, but we will once again be focusing on solidarity – particularly in relation to children and young people.

Foreningen for Festivalen Thesmoforia

40,000 DKK

Thesmoforia is a festival that showcases provocative art such as performance art, film, sound and light. They promote young artists’ abilities to expand and develop their skills through workshops and mentoring programmes with the help of professionals and established artists.

Finn Nørgaard Foreningen

150,000 DKK
Finn Nørgaard Foreningen works with projects that support vulnerable children and young people, promoting mutual understanding. The donation specifically supports the film project Zoom Circle, which offers the perspective of young people from the housing area Mjølnerparken by sharing their lives, dreams and hopes through filmmaking.


70,000 DKK

Medborgerne is an alliance of different associations, schools, churches and mosques that collaborate to create shared communities, safe streets and a variety of cultural activities in the areas of Nørrebro, Nordvest and across various social groups.


70,000 DKK

Panteras consists of DJs who create music with young refugees and immigrants. The music creates an enhanced cultural cohesion and new communities arises. The donation given by Roskilde Festival will contribute to the purchase of equipment and tools to organise workshops.

Yngel Netværk

30,000 DKK

Yngel Netværk aim to create and promote a more diverse comic and graphic novel community. The donation will help the association publish cartoons submitted from their network, helping to share important stories that include subjects that are often difficult to communicate such as violence, the theme of the first editions in the making.

Læs for Livet

250,000 DKK

Læs for Livet believe in the magic of reading – for everyone. They collect books and donate “customised libraries” to institutions that work with vulnerable and marginalised children and young people. The selection of books in the libraries take into consideration a variation in genres, degrees of required reading skills and of course what the children are interested in.

Kærshovedgård Fællesskab

30,000 DKK

Kærshovedgård Fællesskab consists of rejected asylum seekers and asylum activists who have joined forces to shine a light on the issues of living an isolated life in the Danish asylum centres. Through social activities, debates and activism, they fight against state interventions of the free movement of refugees and migrants.

Foreningen Dragekompagniet

130,000 DKK

Foreningen Dragekompagniet has created a space for vulnerable children and young people through activities such as puppet theatre, painting and sculpture workshops, roleplay and storytelling. The activities are based on the children's own dreams and needs.

Dialog Holbæk

100,000 DKK

Dialog Holbæk is an organisation working on establishing a house in the municipality of Holbæk that will operate as a gathering place for the local community. The donation will ensure means for mentally vulnerable young people to become a part of the house.

Pathfinder Society Denmark

30,000 DKK

Pathfinder Society is an association that creates a community for role players through social activities. The donation is earmarked for renting facilities with disability access to allow anyone who’s interested to take part in the community and its activities.