House of Chroma offers talks, performances, workshops and music. Come by and meet Madame Gandhi, Occupy Wall Street founder Micah White, Claudia Comte, Saffiyah Khan and many more. It will be colourful and inspiring.

Right by the Gloria stage and Food Court. In the middle of Art Zone.

This is where you will find a large, colourful dome created by Brazilian artist Eli Sudbrack. It's called House of Chroma, and if you're close, well, you can't miss it.

House of Chroma is an explosion of colour and ideas offering talks, debates, performances, workshops and music.

Eli Sudbrack – curated by Aukje Lepoutre Ravn – will perform with his fellow Brazilians Boca de Cabelo, Mavi Veloso and Nascha Princess. Other performances in the dome include Fréderic Gies and Moeisha Aden.

Rapolitics and Occupy Wall Street co-founder Micah White have workshops for you.

What about talks and debates, you ask? Artists such as Claudia Comte and Askew One, activists Saffiyah Khan, Aya Chebbi and Emma Holten. Musician Madame Gandhi (playing a Gloria show on Saturday 6 July) will also take part. Oh, there will be great talks indeed.

There will also be music in House of Chroma: You're in safe (and wonderful) hands with Frk. Jacobsen, IKI, Born In FlamezThe Illustrious Blacks and Sofie Birch. The latter has penned the song Hills Bells Mother that works as House of Chroma's jingle, played before the beginning of any talk, debate or other activity.

Eli Sudbrack – also known under his artist moniker Assume Vivid Astro Focus.

What happens each day?

House of Chroma is basically four days of pure inspiration, with each day paying attention to the festival's solidarity theme in a different way:

  • Wednesday 3 July has a queer focus (fronted by the aforementioned Brazilians)
  • Thursday 4 July is all about political activism (with Aya Chebbi & Emma Holten, Micah White og Saffiyah Khan, amongst others)
  • Friday 5 July we discuss young, green climate activism (with the Green Student Movement and woke artists such as Claudia Comte, Sissel Tolaas and Theis Ørntoft)
  • Saturday 6 July it's finally time to discuss artistic solidarity in relation to women in culture (meet Madame Gandhi, Sanne Cigale Benmouyal, Marina and more).
Want more examples of what to experience in House of Chroma?

You got it! The Brazilians will focus on the LGBTQAI scene in Brazil, performing with the title Brazilian Queer Resistance. The political environment in Brazil has made their lives – personal and professional – more dangerous than ever before. Which means their messages are more important than ever.

The Danish Green Student Movement will talk climate crisis, and Sanne Cigale Benmouyal will share her views on the courage to stand by her Jewish descent.

Photographer/activist/model/musician Saffiyah Khan will talk about becoming an activist overnight after going viral.

Moeisha Ali Aden is a trans woman, refugee, black and muslim. What fights are worth having, and when do you need to shout and wake people up? Her performative talk will enlighten you.

Swiss artist Claudia Comte has made a spectacular sculpture, ME WE, at Roskilde Festival in collaboration with Copenhagen Contemporary. In her House of Chroma talk she will expand on her work focusing on sustainability, climate and nature. The talk is moderated by Copenhagen Contemporary's Jannie Haagemann.

Too often everything is about those on stage, but what about the women behind the stages? Girls Are Awesome moderate and present Girls Are Talking with Karen Vincent from SheCanPlay, Jenny Rossander (also known as Lydmor) and sound technician Jessica Petersen from Roskilde Festival.

It will be colourful, original and inspiring. Welcome to House of Chroma!