Stages on the move, a new entrance, more clean camping areas and a multitude of possibilities.  The map is ready. Use it for planning, for navigating when you’re lost or when you seek new adventures.

(We have so much to tell you but if you prefer to go straight to the map, then download the pdf here)

We know you have been waiting. And while you've been waiting, we've been busy drawing on the map of Roskilde Festival 2019. There's plenty to take notice of. The beauty of Roskilde Festival is that it is always changing. Every year brings something new. Here's a quick rundown of what WE think you should pay attention to on this year’s map:

Stages on the move and a new design

Something that will surely catch your eye is the new locations of a couple of stages. Apollo has moved a bit north, making it more integrated with the rest of the festival site. This means that Avalon moves (it used to be where Apollo is now) to the northeastern corner of the festival site. We’ve never had a stage here before, so new adventures await us all. The stage for upcoming talent, Countdown, stays put. However, look forward to a brand-new stage design. But where exactly is Countdown, you ask? Read on below and find the answer.

A stroll in Central Park

Roskilde Festival is like a buzzing metropolis. And any city worthy of its name has a gorgeous park in the middle of it all. Just ask New York. Central Park is also the name of our central (well, doh!) breathing space where you can hang out, go shopping or listen to music from the Countdown stage. Find it in the borderland between campsite and festival site.

New northern entrance - and the other entrances
If you arrive during one of the final four days of the festival, you can enter via entrance North (it’s new!) which you’ll find just north of the Orange Stage.

The main entrances are still called East and West. When the campsite opens (Saturday 29 June at 16:00), you’ll also find entrance South. It only functions as an entrance on this specific day when the first festival-goers move into the festival city.

Two new art stages with talks and raves
Take notice of the names House of Chroma (read more) and Ambereum (read more). They are our two new art stages at Roskilde Festival. One is located right in the heart of Art Zone, just east of Orange Stage, the other a bit further down towards the Arena stage. Experience talks, performances, nightclub raves and more. Flokkr also counts as a stage. It is Roskilde's community centre (a programme for this will be out very soon!). It’s where the festival inhabitants are, on the campsite. Look towards the eastern side of area L.

More clean areas
We have increased the amount of our so-called ‘clean’ areas. It can sound a bit boring having to focus on keeping things tidy. Believe it or not, it is possible to party at night and clean up the day afterwards. You do it at home, so of course you have to do it here too. And we can guarantee you that the green (on the map they are dark green) areas can easily become the most fun!

Enough talk. Download the map and start preparing for Roskilde Festival. We look forward to welcoming you!

The map is also in the app
Ok, a bit more talk. We just think that you should know that the map is also in our app. And it's designed so that you can see your own location, just as it has some wayfinding options. If you haven't downloaded the app yet, find it in App Store or Google Play and install it. Then you'll have all the most important info at hand. Including the map.