From 11-25 April you can nominate donation recipients. We call it Open Call, and we're focusing on solidarity - particularly in relation to young people. This means you can now nominate a project that you think deserves a donation from Roskilde Festival.

We have the largest ever generation of young people in the world today. They are set to inherit a world that isn't sustainable. Neither socially, economically nor environmentally. However, young people are taking to the streets, they organise climate strikes, they're making themselves heard. Activism is alive and well, and new movements are forming in the belief of a new future. It's our responsibility to listen.

With our Open Call Solidarity we want to support initiatives that take responsibility for the challenges that we face in everyday life – in solidarity with other young people.

We are focusing on initiatives that:

  • reach out to others, either through partnerships or by involving others actively
  • turn knowledge into action – or inspire this
  • strengthen young communities
  • work directly with young people
Who can be part of Open Call?

The purpose of the Roskilde Festival Charity Society is to support initiatives benefiting children and young people and to support humanitarian, charitable and cultural work. We are particularly focusing on societies, initiatives, organisations and projects that work with and involve children and young people.

With this particular donation we can only support non-profit organisations. This also means that any events or activities must be free / not have any entrance fee.

About the application process

To get as clear an idea as possible of the organisation/project that you're nominating, we will ask you to consider and fill out a few categories.

Please note that you cannot save the application form to go back to it later. When you have sent your nomination, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and we'll notify you of an e-mail address for you to send your regulations and budget to.

We will get back to you around early June 2019.

Deadline is 25 April 2019. We look forward to reading your application.

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