Every year Roskilde Festival donates earnings from last year’s festival for the greater good. A sum is reserved for an artist to decide the beneficiary. We call it Orange Donation.

This year the festival has pointed to Silvana Imam, who performs on the festival for the third time, to be the decider of Orange Donation. She has chosen Swedish NGO Popkollo and their music summer camps, Sommarkollo. The donation is 250,000 Danish Kroner.

Popkollo is an organisation for girls, non-binary and trans youth, organising music camps foremost for 12-18-years-olds, but also for women, non-binary and trans people over 18. At a typical Popkollo camp the participants learn how to play instruments, form bands, write songs, participate in inspiring workshops and perform live. You are not required to have any prior musical knowledge when coming to our camps, the only thing needed is a passion for music.

Professional activists and musicians are invited to teach and inspire. One of them has been Silvana Imam.  

“Popkollo is a non-profit foundation with super important values. I did two summers there as a music coach. I believe they can do even more change with these 250,000. I’m also honoured to be the opening act at the main stage at Roskilde, its gonna be fire!,” Silvana Imam says.

Popkollo thanks Roskilde Festival and Silvana Imam for this donation.

“Since 2003, over 4000 young girls, non-binary and trans youth have attended our music camps. And by receiving this grant we hope to continue to try to create equality in the music industry by creating spaces where one can feel safe and supported. Silvana is an inspiration and we are grateful that our youths have had the opportunity to have her as a role model and aspiration. By working close with artists they can look up to, they learn that their dreams are reachable.”

Other artists to have hand picked beneficiaries of Orange Donation are Bruce Springsteen, Metallica and Dua Lipa.

Silvana Imam performs on Orange Stage Wednesday July 3rd 18:00.

Read more about Popkollo here (in Swedish)