All glasses for beer, soda, juice and drinks will be reused at Roskilde Festival 2019. Partnering up with Tuborg, Plastic Change and others, we have developed a new solution to reduce plastic waste.

At this year's Roskilde Festival we will go from disposable plastic glasses to reusable plastic glasses.

It's quite simple, really: The glasses will be washed onsite, and when the new plastic glasses are worn down, we will send them directly back to the supplier who will make sure that the plastic material is recycled. Everybody wins.

  • The new glasses are made of polypropylene - also known as PP plastic.
  • The new glasses are expected to endure re-use about 25 times before the material will be passed on for recycling.
  • The price is 5 DKK the first time you buy a cup with beer/soda/juice etc. Next time you buy something to drink – and hand in your cup – the price is 0 DKK for the cup. When you want a break, you can hand in your cup in service stalls that handle recyclable materials. There, you will receive 1 DKK per cup and the remaining 4 DKK will help pay for the washable recycling system.     
More about plastic
  • Why not recycled plastic in the first place?
    Plastic that is to be used for food contact materials must be approved by the EU's food safety authority. Among other things, the process must be tested over time, and it has to be documented that the process of recycling removes all possible pollution. In the long run it's entirely possible that the glasses can be made of recycled plastic, but we have to take it one step at a time, and this is a big step in the right direction.

  • Why not biodegradable plastic?
    Plastic Change have made it clear that recyclable plastic is a far more ideal solution. The reason is that there is no separate waste stream for bioplastic, and the waste will consequently pollute the waste streams. Additionally, biodegradable plastic is designed and produced to be used only once, which goes against a more circular and sustainable use of resources.

  • What about other drinks?
    Coffee, shots and wine are served in biodegradable PLA glasses.

Read more about Plastic Change

The new solution has been realised through a collaboration between Tuborg, Danish environmental organisation Plastic Change and the festivals Northside, Tinderbox and Grøn.