Yes, you read that correctly. You and all your fellow festival-goers have a job to do. You’re opening our main stage at this year's festival. This means that we’re all in for a massive sing-along!

This year, we are going to sing our hearts out. And we’re not talking about just singing along to the hits of Travis Scott or Bob Dylan when they play here. Our voices alone – expertly accompanied by a band – will lift the songs towards the sky.

The past five years we have sung together in the Gloria stage building from Thursday to Saturday, every day at 10:30. We’re doing it again this year. However, this year we’re jumping the gun a bit with a grand premiere on the Orange Stage on Wednesday 3 July. So, when the time is 17:35, we will all be singing a few songs, that we all know, together .

We're trying to define a Roskilde songbook. We have asked all of you Roskilde-goers for input on Facebook, and this year's songbook will be pieced together based on your suggestions and requests.

The repertoire consists of songs from all decades – emotional classics that are recognisable and easy to sing along to. This year, we’ve added a theme for the occasion: Danish songs. Many musicians favour their Danish mother tongue over English for the lyrics. In fact, it has not been so massive since the 80s. So let’s delve into that. If you don’t speak Danish, see this as the most entertaining language lesson you’ll ever find.

Come and join in singing with all of us. Everyone is invited – even if you are convinced that you cannot sing.

The sing-along is hosted by Frederik Thaae.

When and where?

On Orange Stage
Wednesday 3 July 17:35-18:00

On Gloria
Thursday 4 July 10:30-11:30
Friday 5 July 10:30-11:30
Saturday 6 July 10:30-11:30