Updated: 05.03.19 at 10:20am

Our Special Camping offers are selling fast, and a lot of them are already sold out. That includes Get A Tent, Get A Camp, Get A Place, Tenthouse, Caravan Camping and Sleep-In Buses.

Tickets also sell fast. Secure your ticket now and start getting ready for The Cure, Travis Scott, Cardi B and a total of 180 music acts performing at Roskilde Festival 2019. You wouldn't miss that, would you?

About ticket scalping / black market tickets
We have noticed that some festival-goers believe that the reason they did not get a Get A Place ticket is because scalpers could buy 10 tickets at a time. That is not the case. There hasn't been a single sale of 10 Get A Place tickets at once, and virtually all sales have been made of 1 or 2 per order. The reason why Get A Place sold out so quickly is that there is an extraordinarily high demand for that camping solution this year.

What to do if you didn’t get what you wanted:

  • Apply for one of our Community Camping offers. Clean Out Loud, Dream City, Leave No Trace and Settle'n Share. 
  • Sign up to our waiting lists. This way you will make sure you won't end up with fake tickets on the black market.

Special Camping offers still available: