All wristbands carry a chip, but it's up to you whether you want to use any of the new services, including the option to use it for payment at the festival.

We want it to be simple and easy to participate in Roskilde Festival, and we believe that an updated wristband with a chip can help create a smarter festival experience.

In the years to come you can beep your way through the entrance, Special Camping areas and much more. This year we're exploring a limited number of services connected to your wristband, so we can learn how the implemented chip improves the festival experience for everyone.

This year you can use the chip when you hand in your reusable glasses in the stalls.

If you want to, you can also connect your payment card to your wristband and use the chip to pay for food and drinks in select stalls around the festival – and keep track of your expenses with the 'RF Wallet' app (to be released before the festival starts).

All wristbands have a chip, but it's up to you whether you want to use it to pay for anything or whether you want to use any of its other services.

Read more about the new chip wristband, your data and services here.

Chip wristband from start to finish


  1. Arrival at the waiting area
    You are packed and ready for Roskilde Festival 2019. It is Saturday, 29 June and the time is approaching 16:00, time for when the camping area opens. You are staying in L and have therefore, prior to the festival, bought an entrance booking for East. When you arrive at the waiting area in East, you show your festival ticket and your entry booking and get a temporary wristband on. You have to wear this when you run to the site and set up your tent.

  2. Welcome to the site!
    Whew! You have been struggling with setting up your tent and you can now sit down in your camping chair. Before you forget about only having a paper wristband around your wrist, you should already plan your visit to one of the ticket stalls located at the entrances. You will need to exchange your temporary wristband for the normal Roskilde Festival wristband before 08:00 on Monday, 1 July.

  3. How to get your Roskilde Festival Chip Wristband on
    You have found your way to one of the ticket stalls and now need to put your wristband on. What you need to do is to show your festival ticket again, and put your new Roskilde Festival wristband around your wrist. The only new thing about your wristband this year, is that it now contains a chip.

  4. How to use the chip’s features
    To make use of the chip's features, download the app 'RF Wallet'. Here you can manage your reusable glasses. You can also connect your payment card and use the chip wristband as a payment option in selected stalls at the festival area.

  5. A drink in the new reusable glasses
    It is now Wednesday, and you are heading towards the inner part of the festival site. You are seeing the opening concert at Orange Scene with Silvana Imam - an iconic event! On the way to the concert, you swing past a stall to fuel up on fluids. This year the glasses are replaced with reusable glasses, and you therefore pay 5 DKK for the glass on top of the price of your first drink. Cheers! Let the concerts begin!

  6. Swap your used reusable glass with a new one
    After the concert you will find your way to the drinks stall with your empty reusable glass. "One more, thank you!", you say at the stall and swap your used reusable glass with a new one. Here you simply pay the price for your new drink, since you've already paid for the glass by bringing it.

  7. Save your reusable glass on your wristband
    When the evening is over and you are going home to your sleeping bag, you can drop off your used reusable glass at one of the drinks stalls and get it added to your chip wristband. So you can avoid paying the 5 Danish Kroner extra for the glass, when you will be returning in the morning to start the day off with a drink.

  8. How to keep track of your reusable glasses
    You are unsure about how many reusable glasses you have on your chip wristband and therefore open the app 'RF Wallet'. The app can be connected to your chip wristband and can therefore tell you how many reusable glasses you have. You can also transfer reusable glasses to your friends—then they can also buy you a drink when it is time for their round.

  9. The festival comes to an end
    Your white sneakers are no longer white, you can hardly talk because you sang a lot with The Cure and Janelle Monáe yesterday, and what you're looking forward to most right now is to just get home to your own bed. You pack the good old festival tent together and throw it on your back. On the way home, you open 'RF Wallet' and can see that you have collected money for four glasses on your chip wristband. The full remaining amount from your chip wristband will automatically get transferred to your payment card, shortly after the festival, if you have connected a payment card in the app.