Read more about when and where you can enter – and how to get those pit wristbands.

We have waited for today, and now it’s finally here. Wednesday 3 July. Today, the festival site opens and all the stages and good fun starts. Below you can find information on how to enter the site, how to enter the Orange pit and how to enter the festival if you’re arriving today.

We open at 17:00.

There are four gates to the festival site: Gate 8, Arena Gate, Apollo Gate and Central Park Gate. See the map below.

If you want pit access
If you want pit access for Orange Stage concerts, please go to Gate 8 and Apollo Gate. From 16:20, you can get a pit wristband for Wednesday's shows (Silvana Imam not included) on Orange Stage here.

If you don't care about pit access, you can benefit from going through Central Park Gate (CPG) or Arena Gate.

More about pit access
The pit in front of Orange Stage has three sections: one in front and two at the back. The back sections are ALWAYS - open at the sides - you can stay there all day if you want. Access to the front section requires a pit wristband, which gives you access to pit until 15 minutes before the start of the concert. Pit wristbands are distributed at the pits every day from 10.00 (17.00 today, Wednesday). You cannot get pit wristbands for today’s opening concert with Silvana Imam.

Arriving at the festival today? There’s a new entrance.
If you're travelling to Roskilde Festival today, we strongly recommend that you use public transportation to avoid being caught in traffic. There are trains going all the way to Roskilde Festival's very own train station and night busses going to Copenhagen from midnight till 04:00 (departure every 30 minutes from Entrance East). 

As something new this year, you can also get your wristband at the new Entrance North. It is open from 10.00-18.00. After getting your wristband on, you can enter via the Apollo Gate. Note: Children's wristbands are only available at Entrance East or West.