Be the champ of the camp. Order your beer now and make your entire camp happy with ice-cold Tuborg or Somersby.

Who doesn't want to be that awesome person who treats your fellow campers with ice-cold beer during the festival?

Pre-order here

What can you buy?

Cold, cheap beer and cider! Just pre-order and collect your cold ones at the festival whenever you feel thirsty.

  • 24 Tuborg beer (33 cl) – DKK 120 (+ fee and refund)
  • 20 Tuborg Rå* (33 cl) – DKK 120 (+ fee and refund)
  • 15 Somersby Apple (33 cl) – DKK 120 (+ fee and refund)

*Tuborg Rå is an organic, unfiltered beer. Quench your beer thirst the green way!

The deal is simple. Pre-order your package and hand in your voucher at the beer stalls located all over the Roskilde campsite.

You will receive a separate voucher for each Tuborg Package you buy. You can pick up your packages pretty much around the clock:

  • Saturday 29 June 16:00–04:00 (Sunday)
  • Sunday 30 June at 09:00 to Friday 6 July at 04:00 (Saturday)
  • Saturday 6 July 10:00–06:00 (Sunday)

Please note: all buyers must be at least 18 years old and most verify their age at pick-up. There’s a maximum of 10 Tuborg packages per buyer. The vouchers are only valid at the beer stalls at the campsite.

This year you can also order drink packages. Read more.