Thursday 2 July 2020
Oddball, thought-provoking pop music from the man with many personas 

Alex Cameron is on a w
inning streak. No doubt about it. The Australian songwriter with the many satirical portraits has come a long way since he played Roskilde Festival back in 2017. 

Together with his self-proclaimed business partner and stoic sax man, Roy Malloy, as well as a full band – who works as a tight and groovy unit, by the way – he’s been around the world at least a couple of times. The audience grows steadily for each show he plays. 

You kind of wonder how he finds the time to write and record new material along the wayBut fortunately, 2019 saw the release of his third album, Miami Memory, and it shows that Cameron hasn’t ditched his capacity for making hook-filled, funny pop music. 

Like his past work, Cameron sings and pontificates from the perspectives of various down-and-out characters, mostly broken and misunderstood men. Some worthy of sympathy. Others definitely not. 

He lays out his stories to a pop soundtrack ranging from nostalgic vintage rock to sleazy, pastel-coloured synth pop. With lots of sexy sax, of course!  

On stage, Alex Cameron acts as the perfect front man. With legs half-bent in a perpetual almost-squat, he acts out his satirical persona(s) to perfection. Dig the music and you get a great experience, take in the lyrics as well and you’re in for an excellent experience. This is a special show you don’t want to miss. And once you experienced Alex Cameron you can’t get him out of your head.