Wednesday 1 July 2020
The digital pulse has never sounded as vivid as now with this Danish super trio

AV AV AV and Roskilde Festival have gone hand in hand since the trio first formed. Eloq, Unkwon and DJ E.D.D.E.H. found out that they had something special together. When they turned the knobs in their electronic universe, a big luminous sound emerged which has won over an ever-growing audience.

In 2015, they turned on the machines on our Countdown stage for upcoming talent, and in 2017 they entered the main programme with a concert on the Apollo stage. They have released generous handfuls of singles and EPs along the way, containing various flavours of club music. AV AV AV has implemented facets of house, electro and techno. They have had a great appetite for bass music in general.

Diplo has called their music "future gospel", and Fatboy Slim has described them as "the sound of the future". And it wasn't just their peers who were enthused. The critics have also been full of praise.

The year 2019 was a big one for AV AV AV. One thing is releasing tracks and EPs. It’s a whole other project creating a full album that has is both coherent and has consistent power throughout. AV AV AV succeeded. No Statues contains both lively dynamics, lots of bass, melancholic synths and big beats. It delivers a party soundtrack and soothing sounds for more contemplative moments. Let's call it club poetry.

In 2020, AV AV AV will enter the Arena stage at Roskilde Festival. Their sound calls for a large enclosed room it can fill up. At the same time, the demand for the Danish trio has only grown and grown. And their live skills have only increasingly gotten sharper and sharper. Most recently, they have done a live fusion with classic instruments together with the symphony orchestra Copenhagen Phil. At Roskilde Festival it will be 100 % AV AV AV, and it is 100 % for sure that you will be dancing when this party machine pushes the power button.