Friday 3 July 2020
Sludgy stoner rock rich on riffs

Their band name may be Danish but its message is universal in any language: This band wants you to go berserk! Bersærk has just the right call-to-arms soundtrack for doing so.

The Aarhus-based four-piece calls its own music ‘heathen stoner rock’. The lyrics are bellowed out in Danish, and the instrumental backing is full of crushingly heavy riffs and with a nerve that will make your jaw drop and make you lose all your inhibitions.

Bersærk first played at Roskilde Festival in 2016 (check some footage here) on our Rising stage for upcoming talent – where they flexed all the muscles. Since then, things have only moved upwards for the Danish heavy rockers. Their reputation has grown – so much, in fact, that some media hail them as the best live act out of Denmark. Moreover, they have been played on the radio abroad, so the universal appeal in their music has certainly proven itself.

The band’s two studio albums – Mulm (‘darkness’) (2015) and Jernbyrd (‘ordeal by fire’) (2018) – have been received by open arms by a steadily growing audience. Being a thunderous live act, Bersærk have also released a live album which shows all the sweat, grit, punch and potency that the band possesses.

A new single is out, “Balders bål” (‘Baldur’s bonfire’), which is the first taste of Berserk’s third album which will see the light of day in 2020. In perfect timing for Roskilde Festival!

Join the clan of berserkers when this monstrous band takes the stage at Roskilde Festival 2020.