Wednesday 1 July 2020
Sun-drenched and dreamy indie pop

A killer combination of catchy, dance-worthy riffs, millennial meme-humour and a fortuitous editorial decision from YouTube pushed a whirlwind of international buzz towards Norwegian teen Boy Pablo in late 2017.

Boy Pablo (real name Nicolás Pablo Rivera Muñoz) writes charming, smooth-crooning bedroom pop marked by lo-fi production and catchy guitar riffs (NME calls it schmaltzcore) to bring some sunshine to Norway’s most rainy city, Bergen, where Pablo resides.

First came the EP Soy Pablo, then the debut album Roy Pablo (notice a lingual pattern here?) – both full of upbeat and energetic indie pop with melodramatic lyrics that fill you with an urge to dance away the pain of unrequited love and general angst.

His music videos are amusing gems that poke fun at the indie scene's penchant for grainy films and raw recordings. 

Dancing crowds is a typical sight at Boy Pablo shows – and the band makes sure to bring lots of goofiness and general high spirits. The band has toured intensely in both Europe, the US and Asia.

Their stage presence is all smiles and good times – and they are great musicians all around!

If you like Norwegian heroes like Erlend Øye and Sondre Lerche, and, perhaps especially, the American sunshine slacker Mac DeMarco, you shouldn’t miss out on Boy Pablo when he and his band take the stage at Roskilde Festival 2020.