Thursday 2 July 2020
Melodic and meditative dub jazz that soothes your mind 

When you need a break from the surrounding world full of stress and information overload, 
these two gentlemen will soothe your soul with their blissful music. 

Jonathan Bremer and Morten McCoy play blissful, meditative jazz by means of bass and piano in its purest form. Music that takes you to a place without noise – where you can just be. 

Bremer (double bass) and McCoy (piano, Wurlitzer, and tape-delays) have been friends since childhood and have released four albums since teaming up as a musical duo in 2012. 

The duo's friendship brings an unspoken intimacy to the music that makes it feel substantive. Together, they create a soft tonal palette that relaxes you as much as it draws you deeper into its harmonic colourscape. 

Bremer/McCoy recently released their latest album, Utopia,on Luaka Bop, the label founded by David Byrne (Talking Heads). Almost all song titles are in Danish – but this instrumental music paints pictures that speak any language. Right now, the world is freaking out about their sound. Rightfully so. Look herehere and here. 

Danish music fans will also know Bremer/McCoy for their production and instrumentals on Peter Sommer’s Elskede at drømme, drømmer om at elske. Their sound is highly characteristic. Attentive listeners will also find a salute to Sommer in their tune “Højder” which references his “Faret vild i den samme skov”.  

Expect a mesmerising live experience in the company of Bremer/McCoy at Roskilde Festival 2020.